The maintenance companies of buildings in Phoenix AZ are accustomed to seeing numerous failures in the tubes of the clients. A jammed fault, if not solved quickly, can cause significant problems.


For this reason, the companies of maintenance of buildings in Phoenix AZ We know that it is essential to pay attention as soon as possible to any failure in the pipes.


From our experience, we know that many of the problems that occur in the tubes could have been avoided by making good use of them. One of the issues that arise most frequently in the homes of our customers is that food waste is thrown down the sink, which causes the pipe to get stuck and damaged. The same problem is in bathrooms since many people are not aware that pulling wet wipes down the toilet or tampons, to put two widespread examples, will cause costly breakdowns costly to repair.

Another of the faults that occur with a lot of frequency is the continuous drip of the taps. However, most customers do not give it all the importance it requires.

In the first place, a valve in this state will suppose that it is losing many liters of water per day, with the financial expense that implies.

However, if the solution does not take quickly, there will be no choice but to change the faucet, and that is considerably more expensive than a rubber washer.

Change Old Pipes

As you know, ours is one of the building maintenance companies in Phoenix AZ. Our field of action is broad, and we have extensive experience in plumbing work, as well as in renovations and maintenance of electrical installations.


Over the years all the buildings and any installation are deteriorating. That’s why you have to check them from time to time to check their status. Among the elements that should be changed from time to time are the pipes.

Inevitably, many times you have asked yourself if it is essential to make some change in the pipes of a house, or what is the reason that can advise this action. To begin with, it is necessary to change the tubes when they are made of galvanized steel or lead, which can have significant repercussions on the water. Also, you have to place new ones if they are more than ten years old.
With more than a decade, the installation will be much deteriorated, so it is advisable to change the pipes to avoid breakages or leaks due to corrosion.
If you are thinking of doing a reform at home, nothing better than a change in time of the pipes. You may find that you have to raise the wall or the floor after having made the reform because an old boiler has been broken.
In some cases, the change may be necessary to adapt to the new needs.
If you want to make a change in the pipes of your home or that you are thinking of improving the electrical installation do not hesitate to approach our store.

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In the past 11 years, research from the Health Hand Washing Survey indicates that hand washing habits have increased dramatically amongst Americans. The reason for this increase is the need to protect themselves from flu outbreaks. Amidst this coronavirus pandemic, this is excellent news. However, this raises the question – Are facilities prepared to sustain the new age of hand washing when everything goes back to normal?

The Remarkable Growth in Hand Washing Habits from 2009 to 2020

A survey done in 2009 showed that only 45% of Americans washed their hands to prevent themselves from getting and spreading the flu. 10 years later, this number rose to 79%. When asked, 50% of Americans admitted that the media played a tremendous role in influencing their hand washing habits. In a comparison of men to women, the latter’s hand washing habits were more likely to be influenced by media coverage of flu outbreaks.

According to the director of the strategy and corporate development at Bradley Corp, Jon Dommisse, flu outbreaks in 2018, 2015 and 2009 are the main reason why hand washing habits have increased here in the US.

He also says that the current spread of the coronavirus has improved hand hygiene. And in the coming weeks, public facilities such as schools, stores, workplaces, and food joints should provide hand washing services. Hand hygiene shouldn’t only be implemented at home but in workplaces as well.

The New Era of Hand Washing

From the findings of the 11 years of Healthy Hand Washing Survey, below are some of the recommendations on how facilities can encourage hand washing in public washrooms.

1. Proper Placement of Hand Washing Signage

At least 40% of Americans have said that hand washing signage is likely to encourage them to engage in such.

2. Clean and Functional Restrooms

Dirty and non-functional washrooms are amongst the two main reasons why people avoid washing their hands. Public facility managers should put up leak detection measures, identify sinks that are not functioning and other problems. Emergency plumbing services such as drain cleaning should be the best course of action.

3. Integrating Touchless Hand Washing Fixtures

Although keeping washroom sinks clean and functioning is a deal-breaker, integrating touchless fixtures is also important. Did you know that 44% of Americans flush toilets with their foot to avoid touching the flushers? Another 65% use paper towels when touching door handles and faucets. There is no doubt that people will do anything to avoid being in contact with germs. And this is why integrating touchless hand washing fixtures is mandatory in public restrooms.

According to Dommisse, despite the tremendous improvement in hand washing habits in the past 11 years. The onset of the coronavirus is a game-changer. To safeguard our loved ones and the community, we should embrace proper hand washing habits.

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One of the most critical aspects in the general maintenance of buildings in Phoenix AZ is the care of the pipes since one of the worst things that can happen in a house is the clogging of a pipe. However, in many cases, we can avoid these traffic jams if we follow some guidelines.

It is essential that we talk about the two types of obstruction we can have: the obstruction in the drain and the blockage in pipes. The obstruction of the duct usually takes place in the siphon, which is responsible for no odors and no solid matter passing through the tubes.

Currently, the drains are usually recordable in sinks, showers or toilets, so disassembling it would be enough. If not, you should dismantle the entire pipe and clean it. However, the proper general maintenance of buildings in Phoenix AZ can help you to avoid this.

If the obstruction is in pipes, it may be because a solid has gotten through it or because there is scale due to the accumulation of mineral salts.

The first thing you should try is to pour plenty of hot water down the drain to see if we can dissolve the jam. If this does not work, we can try sodium bicarbonate and vinegar.

One recommendation is that before throwing the baking soda into the drain, we try to remove all the water we can, and then we throw a couple of glasses of boiling water. When a few minutes pass, we have to do it again, but this time we will put a portion of bicarbonate and half a glass of vinegar. Next, we’ll cover the drain.

The summers months are ideal for requesting the maintenance companies of buildings in Phoenix AZ such as our plumbing facilities reviews, due to the fact that many people are on vacation, or directly some buildings do not have activity, such as they can be schools, institutes, and schools, so there are minor inconveniences that can cause the necessary water cuts to carry them out.

The revisions of plumbers-in-phoenix will aim to find possible leaks and water losses in tanks, taps and all types of pipes, to avoid more costly breakdowns to repair if they occur later. It must be borne in mind that the plumbing installations have large plumbing installations where boilers, heaters, meters, pits, toilets and even kitchens are attached.

These types of revisions are recommended to be carried out at least once a year and in a preventive manner, contrary to what is usually done, which is to call the maintenance company when the breakdown has already occurred.

The general maintenance of buildings

The general maintenance of buildings in Phoenix AZ is one of the most important keys that allow us to live with a quality of life. And is that we usually tend to think that once a building is built is all done, but the truth is that it is only the beginning of a series of problems that are repeated over the years. A building is like a living being and evolves and deteriorates with the passage of time, needing its medicines or maintenance interventions to stay as new as possible.

To achieve this in the most economical way possible, it is best to contact a specialized company that offers holistic solutions such as plumbers-in-phoenix. This type of company is responsible for all plumbing problems that may arise in the building, the air conditioning of the different floors, the installation of air conditioning and maintenance thereof as well as the construction of computer networks that have, all with a team of specialized experts who will do it with speed and professionalism.