One of the most critical aspects in the general maintenance of buildings in Phoenix AZ is the care of the pipes since one of the worst things that can happen in a house is the clogging of a pipe. However, in many cases, we can avoid these traffic jams if we follow some guidelines.

It is essential that we talk about the two types of obstruction we can have: the obstruction in the drain and the blockage in pipes. The obstruction of the duct usually takes place in the siphon, which is responsible for no odors and no solid matter passing through the tubes.

Currently, the drains are usually recordable in sinks, showers or toilets, so disassembling it would be enough. If not, you should dismantle the entire pipe and clean it. However, the proper general maintenance of buildings in Phoenix AZ can help you to avoid this.

If the obstruction is in pipes, it may be because a solid has gotten through it or because there is scale due to the accumulation of mineral salts.

The first thing you should try is to pour plenty of hot water down the drain to see if we can dissolve the jam. If this does not work, we can try sodium bicarbonate and vinegar.

One recommendation is that before throwing the baking soda into the drain, we try to remove all the water we can, and then we throw a couple of glasses of boiling water. When a few minutes pass, we have to do it again, but this time we will put a portion of bicarbonate and half a glass of vinegar. Next, we’ll cover the drain.